"Excellent stay and service"

Dear Sir/Madam, It was my first visit to SA and Riyadh and I have never experienced such an excellent, comparable hotel stay with excellent service in my life. I would like to thank you very much and hope that I can come back someday. Thank you.

Reviewed by DrSusanneTrumm a TripAdvisor traveler
Germany 8th September 2023
"Very good service and breakfast with various items i would like to thanks MrMajed Al-Harbi for his support as always"

Very good service and breakfast with various items & i would like to thanks Mr.Majed Al-Harbi for his support as always (Best Hotel with best quality and employees Good location , clean room and W.C very clean with a big space in the room Iron machine available in the room

Reviewed by Fahad a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 5th June 2023

Great Team all reception Team & room service team in addition to the hard work even if they are not in the hotel they were very helpful and very flexible thank you for the great stay and your amazing welcome

Reviewed by Naderfarid a TripAdvisor traveler 21st March 2022
"Nice modern Hotel"

The Hotel is nice and modern style, but a lot of construction around the hotel make it very hard to drive in and out of the hotel.. Also parking must be more easier and need to add more signs to exit route Front office staff are professional and welcoming

Reviewed by Mhmdnasr a TripAdvisor traveler 13th March 2020
"Nice place"

Positive : Nice place, nice faculty, flexible in check in and check out. Recommended for business stays. Negative: bathtub was without water (I didn’t report), and the neighboring room was noisy som nights.

Reviewed by Aliqassim a TripAdvisor traveler 7th March 2020

Thanks , service was good. We liked everything . Staff are so professional & fast. However, my only note is that bathroom shower needs to be fixed it was not easy to use the big one, the button was broken, we tried many times to open it then the water came ( I mean the upper shower, the big one in ceiling) other than that all is fine 👍🏻 Breakfast is good & came to our room so fresh & varied I planned for my husband birthday and the honeymoon backage was so good & in time. I loved that we did not take long to check in/ out.

Reviewed by SaraXLD a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 1st March 2020
"A classy hotel"

Hotel is well maintained and plush in a good location. Rooms are clean and modern looking. The staff could be more warm and welcoming to make you feel more comfortable - this includes greeting when you enter or wishing you when you are leaving. Didn't notice in Guest Relation Manager or Concierge services

Reviewed by Henriquesneal a TripAdvisor traveler
United Arab Emirates 23rd January 2020
"Back to normal"

After some months with a decline in quality, the buffet is again very good. Internet has improved. Personnel is always smiling and willing to help. Rooms are spacious, bathrooms as well and hot water is almost immediate. Pillows are wonderful and beds very comfortable.

Reviewed by Javier F a TripAdvisor traveler
Spain 19th January 2020
"Could be better"

Hotel is good location and it is clean but for a 5stars hotel it is missing something, it misses the small touches and care which will make you say oh this is a great hotel such as slippers availability, smiling they really need to get training on smiling and of course requests made to have close rooms to each others Hotel staff did not really showed the care to even follow up on my request and if I'm ok with the rooms, we were forced to split into tow groups away from each others me and my son in one room and my wife and daughters are in a far different one not to mention the smell of one of the rooms even though I told them about it, they just said we will take care but nothing really happened Hotel is good but it is not a 5 star hotel so keep that in mind your requests will be most properly ignored one way or the other plus the small things that will make you feel the hotel luxury vibes

Reviewed by THeOnLyK a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 13th January 2020
"Spacious clean and good quality of furnature linen and toiletries"

The property is excellent in general, I like the location, the public areas, the size of rooms and reception. However I see the room rates are over priced compared to similar types and destinations. I would go back if visiting Riyadh again. I recommend to have promotional offers for Saudi Aramco.

Reviewed by Saaddhaher a TripAdvisor traveler 8th January 2020

Good: حسن التعامل ولاخلاق ولاستقبال وسرعة تلبية اي طلب وبروح جميله ووجه مبتسم والحرص على نظافة المكان والتطهير في ظل الظروف الصحيه

مسرع Saudi Arabia
29th March 2020. Source: Booking.com


زيد آل زعير
25th March 2020. Source: Google


bushra el fadil
22nd March 2020. Source: Google

Good: أعجبني تعاون طاقم العمل من فريق استقبال وموظفي خدمة غرف ونظافة حيث وصلت للفندق وكان لدي عملية جراحية في اليوم الثاني ولا استطيع وصف تعاون الموظفين معي وكأنهم أهلي وأكثر فندق يستحق الزيارة والاستقرار لأكثر من اسبوع ..

Ghalyah Saudi Arabia
20th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

staff is friendly and very helpful
Good: very large room and excellent breakfast with huge variety
Bad: all is good

Priyadi Saudi Arabia
19th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: نظافة المكان والغرفة
Bad: تعامل موظفين الاستقبال سئ وبالذات عند المغادرة ماعدا الاخ فهد في الوردية الليلية تعامله جدا راقي

Raed Saudi Arabia
18th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

عندهم كوفي فوق الدور ٣ اتوقع في جلسه ع المسبح رايقه جدا القهوه غير جيدة بس الجلسه جميله

مشعل السيف
18th March 2020. Source: Google

خدمة جيدة و سعر منافس

Ali Al-mohsen
18th March 2020. Source: Google

معامله ممتازه

mohamed badran
18th March 2020. Source: Google

فندق ممتاز والخدمه ممتازه

Maram Kurdi
18th March 2020. Source: Google

Good: الفندق واحد من الفنادق الذي تنطبق صورته في العرض مع الواقع الموقع ممتاز جداً قريب من المطاعم والاسواق وايضا يوجد اكثر من مطعم داخل الفندق واحد منهم يفتح ٢٤ساعه يوجد جلسات مفتوحة في احد الادوار الغرفة نظيفة جداً جداً السرير مريح الحمام نظيف ومجهز بالاختياجات فقط لم يعجبني التلفاز من النوع القديم لايواكب التكنلوجيا ونظام التكيف ..

Albandry Saudi Arabia
17th March 2020. Source: Booking.com


17th March 2020. Source: Google

المنطقة توجد بها كثير من أعمال الحفر مما يصعب الوصول إليه بالإضافة إلى أنه يحتاج إلى مزيد من الاهتمام في اللوبي وصالات الإجتماعات والمصلى

محسن بن عبدالله العطافي
16th March 2020. Source: Google


Usama Fattouh
16th March 2020. Source: Google

Very Good
Good: كل شيء رائع
Bad: لا شيء

Mansour Saudi Arabia
15th March 2020. Source: Booking.com
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