"Services housekeeping staff and space"

Excellent services by the housekeeping staff to ensure the hygiene. The Housekeeping staff is so nice and responsive. They were so courteous and respectful. The room is not so spacious so its good for single or only for couples without kids.

Reviewed by Arif a TripAdvisor traveler 28th February 2024
"Great value for money"

Was really a good experience to be at this hotel. Service is great , rooms are clean , staff are very helpful and friendly I like the ground floor restaurant as they have all sport channels broadcasted live.

Reviewed by Alidag a TripAdvisor traveler
United Arab Emirates 18th August 2023
"comfortable and safe"

Excellent accommodation and safe for family . Highly recommended. Unfortunate, no massage, steam and sauna survives. book your hotel through the website and you can arrange everything easily. Food is good. available parking.

Reviewed by Waleedmazi a TripAdvisor traveler 15th March 2020
"More value for your money"

I had almost always used properties located in the DQ (Diplomatic Quarter) when visiting Riyadh. However, once I stumbled upon Centro Waha in Olaya Street last year, my colleagues and I exclusively return to this place for all our business trips to the kingdom. In my opinion, this property features more superior and delicious breakfast selections compared to similar-class properties in other MENA cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Reviewed by Taeyunc a TripAdvisor traveler
United Arab Emirates 5th March 2020
"2 Night Riyadh City Break"

Good location, amenities and service. After a recommendation from a friend I decided to book the Centro Waha hotel, as this was a first visit to Riyadh it was in a good location with everything required nearby and conveniently located within 30 minutes from the Airport. Would recommend and stay again!

Reviewed by Neilh a TripAdvisor traveler
Singapore 4th March 2020
"Great for business visits"

This hotel is well situated for the kind of business visits I do to Riyadh. Aside from the constructions in the surrounding area (which applies to nearly all Olaya) the hotel experience, staff and rooms are wonderful. Definitely a hotel to stay in for future business visits.

Reviewed by Mohamad A a TripAdvisor traveler
Jordan 29th February 2020

Excellent hotel and location. First class breakfast and rooms are light and bright with good views across Riyadh. The attached sushi restaurant was a good quality and the gym and roof top swimming facilities are very good.

Reviewed by Kbrowne a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 28th February 2020
"My Stay at Centro Waha"

My stay was for 2 nights at Centro Waha. We arrived early from Airport around 9am.There were 4 room bookings. We could not get any as all the rooms were occupied/ready for checkout. We had to put luggage in one room and rush to meetings , after we got 1 room luckily. The average in room dining is highly priced. Better to order through Careem Eats. They deliver at door step. The Uber or Careem cab pick-up usually takes time. Better to book bit early. Complimentary breakfast was good. Staff is courteous. Overall , average experience

Reviewed by Taruunp a TripAdvisor traveler
United Arab Emirates 28th February 2020

اشكر جهودكم العالية للتميز ولراحة العملاء من ارقى الموظفين من معاملة الى اجراء الخدمات.... الموقع مشكلته فقط الحفريات الخارجية excellent valet services; very fast and really gentle with the cars also amazing food. the restaurant is reasonablly priced and delicious. recommend going there.

Reviewed by Jvgix a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 16th February 2020
"very good"

Location and the hotel concept presentation is very good. rooms are comfortable and the buffet was good. One of my colleague from Italy also stayed during the same time. he was telling the hotel is very good.

Reviewed by Jamaldeenlamberti a TripAdvisor traveler
United Arab Emirates 16th February 2020

Good: Great hotel, good food, clean rooms, very friendly and helpful staff. Looking forward to my next visit.
Bad: Because of the construction it was difficult for us to find the hotel and because google maps are giving us the wrong way too.

Beatriz Saudi Arabia
30th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Adequate for business travels.
Good: The room was clean and well maintained. It was quiet and conducive for sleeping and working. The breakfast selection was good. Good selection of TV channels.
Bad: The AC in the room wasn't working as well (room on 12th floor). I had put in a maintenance request thrice but it still wasn't cooling as expected. Other than salads and appetizers (e.g. humus), the in-room dinning options are very limited for vegetarians and vegans. And prices were on the higher end. The hotel WiFi kept disconnecting (on my phone) so I had to repeatedly sign in. The location of the hotel is near the metro construction site, so need to give yourself time for the Uber to get to you. A 15 minute journey may take up to 45 minutes depending on how fast the ride can get to you. I had repeatedly asked for my Emirates skywards details be registered so I can get the points for my stay, but it wasn't done. Not sure why.

Nidha United Arab Emirates
27th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Good: مريح
Bad: المسبح كان مغلقاً ☹️

Basmah Saudi Arabia
24th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Good: الموقع و النضافه
Bad: - مرتبة السرير - عازل الصوت

Hamad Saudi Arabia
22nd March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: It's cozy and lovely place
Bad: Noice can be heard from outside rook

Meshal Saudi Arabia
22nd March 2020. Source: Booking.com

سوف اكرر الاقامة لاحقاً
Good: نظافة المكان وقربة من مستشفى دلة وشارع العليا
Bad: وسادة السرير لم تكن مريحة اطلاقاً الرجاء تغييرها و بطئ خدمة الغرف في الاستجابة

عبدالله Saudi Arabia
20th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: عندهم مغسلة الملابس روعة الكوي ممتاز جدا كويت ثوب/ الدشداشة والقماش قطن روعة الكوي لأول مرة اشوف كُوي ممتاز
Bad: لاشئ

Abdullah Saudi Arabia
18th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: موظفة الاستقبال قمة في التعامل
Bad: لاشئ

Abdullah Saudi Arabia
18th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

كنت أبحث عن الراحة النفسيه ووجدتها ✋🏻
Good: الموظفين بالاستقبال على افضل مايكون جميل الابتسامه على وجوههم المكان والديكور والتصميم رائع جداً ومريح للعين
Bad: للاسف أبراج الجوال جداً ضعيفه داخل الفندق في الدور العاشر فما فوق .. ولا اعلم عن الادوار السفليه وأيضاً الانترنت حاولت كثيراً الربط به ويتم الرفض أيضاً الشتر خلف الزجاج منظره جداً غير جيد كنت بالدور الـ 14 وكان المنظر رووووعه ولما تغير الوضع للدور الـ 10 لما يكن المنظر جميل بسبب الشتر

Omar Saudi Arabia
18th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Good: الراحه وحسن الاستقبال

Ibrahim Saudi Arabia
17th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

لا باس به

16th March 2020. Source: Google

Very Good
Good: easy access
Bad: noisy surroundings

Yazeed_alsalman Saudi Arabia
16th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Good: لاشئ

Abdullah Saudi Arabia
16th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: المكان جميل وهادئ واطلاته جميله

عبدالله Saudi Arabia
16th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: مكان قريب من الأماكن والمؤلات ومن برج المملكة والفيصلية وفندق جميل وطاقم العمل مره ممتازين
Bad: الغرفه مساحتها صغيره ودورات المياه مافيها مروحه خربانه والاستشعار خربان أيضًا

العجمي Saudi Arabia
15th March 2020. Source: Booking.com
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