"Wonderful times"

The time we spent here will be unforgettable. Starting from the front desk where we were greeted by the amazing "Grace", she treated our daughter like a princess and made her feel like home. The suite was fantastic with complementary snacks and juice. The outdoor facilities were wonderful from the many pools and slides to the beach front. The kids club was nice and allowed us to have some alone time. The room service was quick and delicious. Every moment was relaxing and worth it.

Reviewed by Roam a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 18th May 2019

good hotel and nice facilities , but the room service is a bit slow more variaties are needed in the buffets the location of the hotel is far away from the city and the malls in general it was a nice experience and we spent lovely time in Rotana amwaj

Reviewed by Omarh a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 5th May 2019
"Valuable family weekend"

I have enjoyed my stay with my family this weekend despite the crowd and slow check in process. Special thanks to the handsome gentleman Mr. Sayed who was humble and very helpful. He have provided an outstanding service that really reflects a five starts hotel experience. Everything was fantastic and I would recommend this hotel for others for sure.

Reviewed by Talalgh a TripAdvisor traveler 4th May 2019
"Excellent hotel"

Nice room and facilities, all rooms have nice view to the pool and the beach, nice activities for kids water games, garden with play area and also they have a nice kids club with nice activities, I loved and I will come

Reviewed by Mohamedm a TripAdvisor traveler 30th April 2019
"Nice hotel"

The reception outside the hotel needs to be improved, I arrived with the taxi but unfortunately no one was willing to give me hand with the luggage, however some waiters were there but none of them moved towards me. the rest I would say it is perfect

Reviewed by Wander a TripAdvisor traveler
Bahrain 29th April 2019
"Premier Suite Premier Experience"

Whilst the premier suites are not the cheapest; they are, in my opinion, worth the extra. Our stay at the Art Rotana Bahrain was exceptional from beginning to end. Our premier suite was located on the 14th floor, giving exquisite views of the sea and surrounding area. The huge balcony allowing us to soak in more of this lovely view and the jacuzzi was just the icing on the cake. The room itself was very large and equipped with all the mod-cons. Overall, I was very happy with our stay and I will definitely return. Particular thanks to Kawthar Lanbari who made this stay possible and all the more special.

Reviewed by Finn R a TripAdvisor traveler
United Kingdom 24th April 2019
"Very comfortable experience"

Great hotel, with rooms having sea views. Food selection is good. Collection of water games for kids is a welcome addition & so, its good for family stays. The layout of the gardens & beach area is attractive.

Reviewed by Cruiser a TripAdvisor traveler 23rd April 2019
"Excellent service and facilities"

A luxurious hotel with excellent and friendly staff who are always willing to help make your stay a pleasant one. The room service is very good if you arrive late and I particularly enjoyed relaxing by the pool with a well-earned G&T. I was attending a conference hosted at the hotel and the buffet lunch and dinner were excellent and they kept you well supplied with coffee which was appreciated. All in all , a very enjoyable stay. The staff in particular really seemed to be interested in helping you and were very attentive.

Reviewed by Global a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 22nd April 2019
"Amazing Hotel"

Hotel Was Amazing, Expensive though, but still good.. Beach was good, pools were good, rooms were good, restaurants were good, staff was good, Sea is needs cleaning up but still good.. Over all its was a good stay at this hotel

Reviewed by Yacoub H a TripAdvisor traveler 22nd April 2019
"Weekend Escape"

Perfect place for a weekend escape, everything was just perfect, the staff are very active and helpful. The location of the Hotel is good, with nice pool area, Beach and play ground for kids. Will come back one day for sure.

Reviewed by Tourist a TripAdvisor traveler 22nd April 2019

Very good
Location, pool and beach was excellent and my kids enjoyed very much. But the Agoda website showed 'shower and bathtub' as facility of the room, but there was no bathtub in the room (only shower). (Don't know if this is hotel issue or websit issue.) Couldn't find electricity in bath room for hair dryer and had to dry hair while my kids are sleeping. Other than that, room facility was good. One happening was, in the midnight, there was an alarm and had to evacuate to ground floor waking up my kids. The receptionist said it was settled (seems it was a fake alarm), but wanted to have us informed immediately before waking up my kids)... Overall, I like this hotel. Regards,

kentaro (Family With Young Children)
21st May 2019. Source: Agoda

من أفضل زيارة في العمر للفندق وتجهيز فخم واستقبال وتعامل لطيف

ابو هادي ابو هادي
21st May 2019. Source: Google

Very nice hotel with all kinds of facilities and nice views

Faisal khan
21st May 2019. Source: Google

Good: All
Bad: NoThing

Saeed Saudi Arabia
20th May 2019. Source:

فندق أكثر من رائع وفي هذا الوقت رمضان أنصح به هادئ وأسعار في متناول الجميع أكرر زيارتي له لاحقاً

QB.S3eed Al Qahtani
20th May 2019. Source: Google

Great services

Joseph Mukanga
20th May 2019. Source: Google

A new modern Hotel by the beach

Abdulla Al Khalifa
20th May 2019. Source: Google

Relaxen im Luxus
Good: Traumhafter Ausblick vom Zimmer aus. Geräumiges Zimmer gute Ausstattung. Die Betten sehr bequem!!!

Monika Germany
19th May 2019. Source:

Overwhelming selection of dishes. Live entertainment. Variety of dishes leaves you confused about what to try and what to skip. Good selection of desserts but large portions of them.

Ayman Al-Sairafi
19th May 2019. Source: Google

Excellent service.. nice location.. close to airport

Sonya Janahi
19th May 2019. Source: Google

Cozy, family hotel .. Near to the airport and capital ..

Samra Dalaly
19th May 2019. Source: Google

احببته كثيرآ ويحتوي على خيارات مطاعم كثيره والشيشه عندهم شي خورافي

Foaed Almalki
19th May 2019. Source: Google

Good place to chill

Rohit Mehta
18th May 2019. Source: Google


Akul Ardhala
18th May 2019. Source: Google

Art Rotana Bahrain

Heba Mohamed
18th May 2019. Source: Google

Арт ротан
Я бы ещё раз не хотел бы по быт в Бахрейн меня не понравился это страна все очень дорога и сеть не ловит там совсем не куда ходид кроме авиню . самый главный что море не очень хорошый .Отел тихий и очень спокойна и чистый

Ramin Guseinov (Solo), Russia
15th May 2019

فندق استثنائي
فندق استثنائي كانت اقامة رائعة استمتعت انا وعائلتي واطفالي العناية الفائقة بالنزلاء من قبل فريق عمل الفندق هذه التجربة الثنية واود ان تتكرر كثيرا وخاصة في الاجواء الربيعية حيث اعتدال الجو وذلك للاستمتاع اكثر بمرافق الفندق الخارجية

Fahad Al Muhaish (Solo), Saudi Arabia
14th May 2019

اجازه عائليه
أكثر من ممتاز لقضاء اجازه عائليه للاستمتاع بالإفطار، نادي الأطفال، بركة السباحة، الألعاب المائيه و غيرها من الانشطه. بالتأكيد انصح الجميع بتجربه المنتجع................................................

Fahad Bousbait (Solo), Saudi Arabia
12th May 2019

Проблемы при заселении из-за того, что в выходные дни отель перезаселен
Отель делает массовые заселения на выходные местных жителей, в результате которых администрация отеля не выполняет свои обязательства перед другими туристами. Не хватает постельного белья и раскладушек, не хватает номеров, которые соответствуют заказу

Olga Podoplelova (Solo), Russia
10th May 2019

بعيد عن ضوضاء وسط المدينة
بعيد عن وسط المدينة نص ساعة تقريبا، ولكن له أجواء مميزة وبجوار لاقون الخاص بجزيرة أمواج، تجربة ممتازة وله شاطىء خاص ويوجد ألعاب مائية للأطفال بسيطة وجميلة لكن هم دون العشر سنوات. الافطار متنوع جدا ويوجد حلاق رجالي ممتاز

Fahad Al Qahtani (Solo), Saudi Arabia
10th May 2019

زيارتي الثالثة وسأكررها مؤكدا في المرات المقبلة مرافق الأطفال ساحرة استمتعنا كثيرًا ....................................................................................................................

Mahmood Shehab (Solo), Bahrain
8th May 2019

توقعت خدمة تتناسب مع هندسة المكان....
لابد من تدريب العاملين على الاجراءات بشكل افضل.... قائمة الطام في المطعم الرئيسي بحاجة لبعض الابداع ومتابعة الصحون التي تفرغ.... كفندق ٥ نجون اتوقع وجود مكوى بالغرفة ... فرشاة اسنان وشفرات حلاقة بالحمام دون الطلب!

Hussam Fakhoury (Solo), Jordan
7th May 2019

Отдых с ребенком (почти 2 года) удался
Отдыхали семьей - 3 человека. Брали Full Board. Еда потрясающая (ресторан Senses). Территория небольшая, но уютная. Есть свой пляж - определенный плюс, ребенок полдня играл в песке. Хороший детский бассейн. Единственно была холодная вода в детском аквапарке, не рискнули пойти туда с ребенком. Также во время выходных (в Бахрейне это пятница и суббота) отель битком и занимать места на пляже\у бассейна необходимо с самого утра (не позднее 8-00). В целом отдыхом очень довольны. Смело рекомендуем для поездки с детьми. обслуживание по всем вопросам отличное.

Iuliia Podchufarova (Solo), Russia
6th May 2019

تجربة تستحق التكرار
الطاقم جدا جميل ولطيف المرافق رائعه اتساع الغرف ممتاز الشاطئ روعه كل شي جميل في المنتجع تجربة تستحق التكرار كل فتره مسابح للعزاب وللعوائل والصغار اللعاب للصغار من مدخل الفندق كل شي يلفت انتباهك ويبهرك

Saleh Al Feneekh (Solo), Saudi Arabia
6th May 2019

BEST hotel Ever
Best hotel in Bahrain. Everything was excellent , Service was fast. Quality of Service and food were great . Also , Staff were friendly, environment of hotel was comfortable......................Thanks

Ghurmullah Al Aklabi (Solo), Saudi Arabia
6th May 2019

Русские в Бахрейне
В целом, впечатление благоприятное, особенно ничего не раздражало. Это один из отелей, в котором стоит остановиться в Бахрейне. Близко от аэропорта, 15 минут на машине. До основных достопримечательностей Манамы и ситицентров можно доехать на такси, рекомендую Uber. В самом отеле номера просторные, пляж оборудован: душ на пляже, туалеты в отдельном помещении, там же душ с горячей водой, шезлонги, зонтики, полотенца, соломенные домики, уютно. Пляж красивый, но море как маленький бассейн, купаться можно, но заплывы делать негде да волны, это не про это место. Питание хорошее, но еда острая, для детей сложно найти, над этим вопросом им нужно поработать, детский стол надо делать. Отличный ресторан WU, японская кухня, достойно, но дорого. Собственно, дорого всё и напитки, и еда. Анимация в отеле отсутствует, так что развлекать себя и детей нужно самостоятельно. Бассейны отличные, аквапарк, детская площадка, детская комната, всё есть, но это не Турция, каждый занимает себя сам. Плохо организовано с поздним выездом, доплата за продление номера высокая, а оборудованные вспомогательные комнаты отсутствуют, это минус. При всех недостатках, выбор отелей невелик, поэтому рекомендую, этот отель достоин высокой оценки.

Svetlana Blinkova (Solo), Russia
5th May 2019

good hotel and nice facilities , but the room service is a bit slow more variaties are needed in the buffets the location of the hotel is far away from the city and the malls in general it was a nice experience and we spent lovely time in Rotana amwaj

Omar Hasoun (Solo), Syria
5th May 2019

تجربة ممتعة
كانت رحلة عائلية مع الاطفال والجميع استمتع بالاقامة وخصوصا الاطفال حيث يوجد في الفندق مسابح متعددة تناسب الاطفال وقسم اخر للكبار كما ان الفندق مطل على البحر مما يتيح للنزلاء الجلوس على البحر والاستمتاع بالسباحة في الشاطئ المخصص للفندق

Adel Al Jindan (Solo), Saudi Arabia
5th May 2019

الرحلة السنوية لهذا الفندق الجميل
الفندق رائع مناسب للعائلة والأطفال. الطعام لذيذ جدا بس ياريت يشددون شوي على اللبس في البركة لانه مكان عائلي و مكتوب قواعد لملابس السباحة بس غير مطبقة والفندق ما تدخلو. لكن بشكل عام التجربة كانت جدا ممتعة

Hanadi Al Khaja (Solo), Bahrain
5th May 2019

رائعة جداً في كل شي النظافة وموظفين الاستقبال جداً رائعين عيبها الوحيد الحمام ليس بمستوى الفندق ، كان جداً عادي مقارنة بفخامة واناقة ارت روتانا لايوجد به جاكوزي ويوجد بعض النواقص من اغراض الحمام ماكانت موجوده وعندما طلبتها احضروها مثل فرشاة الاسنان ومناديل للحمام

Hatim Al Ghamdi (Solo), Saudi Arabia
4th May 2019
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